Logo Design

Open Competition

This is how it goes

We are looking for a multidisciplinary and multiethnic approach to designing a logo which communicates a deceptively simple merge of cognitive emotions and a pragmatic approach, our own identity and philosophy.  If you are up for it, it’s really easy! Remember two concepts; simplicity + modernity.

So, if you believe that a Logo Design should not be approached with the goal of filling that blank spot on the top of your letterhead, this is the time to recklessly do something trendy and cool. Remember, for us this is not about getting a task off our to-do list so one can move on to selling widgets to customers. The logo design process should provide value far beyond the delivery of a symbol.

Whilst the intellectual property of the work and proposals sent belongs to you, the author, you allow us to post it in our website and or all other supports we might feel appropriate and mention the name of its author/ copyrights proprietor.

When we find a winner, we will e-mail you with our final decisions and for that you should sent us full contact coordinates, such as name or AKA, phone and/or e-mail.

For additional questions and briefs please use the contact form we look forward from you.

Thanks for reading and good luck for us both!

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